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The Ordinary Life of a Voiceover Artist

Available for pre-order for the Kindle. Available for pre-order on all other ebook formats. (Soon available on other online stores too.) The paperback is coming very soon. I can email you when it’s ready. Click here to sign up (I won’t use your email address for anything else.) “They’re ready […]

Currently Working on…

I thought it would be straightforward to write this one. Track my journey becoming an established voice-over, share a few anecdotes, a few tricks of the trade, a few personal stories… But I couldn’t find the voice of the book. I kept shifting to “how to” mode and the book […]

Podcasts on Writing

I’ve decided writing’s my hobby. I always thought I didn’t have hobbies – I enjoy doing a broad range of things professionally, and even though some of them haven’t worked out, I was still hoping to earn some sort of a living from them and I always thought of them […]

How I’m Writing My Memoirs

 I’ve started writing my experiences as a voiceover artist in London. I’ve never written anything like this before and so I’m finding the process very interesting (and a little bit difficult, to tell you the truth). It’s not the memories that are making it difficult – they’re great fun and […]

Hi, I’m Here for a Recording.

The process of self-publishing is an interesting one. Unless you’re writing with someone else, you have no deadlines. (Well, you can give yourself deadlines, but chances are, that if you miss them, you will not penalise yourself very heavily.) From “I’ve got an idea for a book” to “you can […]

Using the Kindle to Review Your Documents

After almost three months I’m returning to this blog to share with you another great use for your Kindle (or your e-book reader, as many of them probably have similar features). I’ve been using it recently to proofread the update of Thriving through Change. It’s a short book but, nevertheless, […]