In the bag

In a previous post, I shared the first adventure of Happy Daisy in the park.I showed my friend Alba who is helping me develop the character and she encouraged me to continue the story. One of my other friends, Chris, also wondered about what Daisy would find in the bag.So here is the next scene: … Continue reading In the bag

Animating Happy Daisy

 Over the Christmas break, I created my first animation. Actually, I created a couple of animations a while ago, but I can’t remember how, I think I used Keynote in some way… In any case, this feels like my first animation, and it’s definitely my first frame by frame 2D animation.  I learned quite a … Continue reading Animating Happy Daisy

Playing with ideas

For the past year or so, I've been trying to capture some of my ideas as illustrations, rather than words. (Or illustrations with some words.) I've been sharing some through my newsletter, and thought it was time to share them with the wider world. Here are some I prepared earlier.

Think Write Converse – what I’m reading

I had the privilege of reading two pieces of work in progress: one a piece of creative non-fiction (memoirs, travel books) and one a business book. I love reading work in progress pieces - not sure why. Maybe because it engages the editing side of my brain, and it's a lot more fun to edit … Continue reading Think Write Converse – what I’m reading

WM32 Why do We Write Fiction?

Word Maze podcast

Why do we write? I struggled so much during the re-write that I almost threw it all away and gave up this “I want to write fiction” thing.

Why I didn’t:

  • I hate dropping stuff before giving it a proper go – that’s why I went to drama school
  • I’m learning a lot
  • I know that what I’m doing is hard, so if I get through it, or almost there, it will be amazing
  • I’m paying for the process!
  • I still don’t know why we write / create art

2. Really glad I put the work in, because apparently, the writing has improved. Now the problem is the story, but that’s ok, because that’s fun. Now I’ve gone back to previous writing and seen how much MORE rewriting I need to do…

Still hard, I need to find the truth! Which means spending more time developing the relationship between Paula…

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