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‘Misery’ by Stephen King

The first book I read by Stephen King was his non-fiction ‘On Writing’, which is quoted in every single book on writing. (I wrote about it here.) Following that, I decided to start reading some of his fiction, to see how he applied (or not) his own advice. I’ve liked […]

‘Nutshell’ by Ian McEwan

Books have just been accumulating in my Kindle. I finish them, I want to recommend them, write a little bit about them and share the passages I’ve marked. But it just never happens. I finished this book such a long time ago, and it’s still sitting in my device, waiting… […]

Loved: Eleven by Mark Watson

ELEVEN is the second novel I’ve read by Mark Watson and I continue to be impressed by how much his own voice and personality disappear behind his writing: the mark of a true artist. What does remain are his warmth and un-pretentiousness (if there is such a word, which there […]

The White Tiger and Last Man in Tower

I know very little about India and that’s one of the main reasons why I really enjoy reading Aravind Adiga’s books. The White Tiger drops you bang in the middle of contemporary India – in between city and village life; in between castes and lifestyles. The main character of the […]