The Simple Truth about Writing

I’m on what I call an “artistic break”, by which I mean that I am completely removed from my day to day. Instead, I’m taking the time to catch up with all those projects swirling around my head, that are leaving little pebbles in my note-taking devices and apps.

I have notes in my Remarkable, in Trello, in Notebook, even in my Notes app, and I’m now taking the time to consolidate them all in one place. I also have many articles saved to Pocket, which need sorting out. (One way in which I’m sorting them out is by moving those that have nothing to do with Virtual not Distant and management to another app, Instapaper, where I will keep articles about my other projects from now on.)

I’m also taking the time to catch up with the many non-fiction books I’ve started reading. So far, so good, I’ve managed to finish “Wanna be a Writer?” By Jane Wenham-Jones (no prizes for guessing what it’s about…). And hence why I’m here.

I wanted to share this quote with you, where the author is quoting writer Kate Walker:

“Writing is the science of BICHOK:
Bum in Chair, Hands on Keyboard”

There we go.

No mystery to the art of writing.

Just putting in good ol’ fashion time and energy.

I feel lucky to have been born in an era where keyboards are pleasant to the touch and soft on the ear.

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