Starting a New Podcast…

I've just finished editing the conversations for the first episode of the new podcast: En clave de podcast. Uncovering Spanish Podcasting. Like Craig Wealand, my co-host, I've been podcasting for a while, but have stuck to the same podcast and format for 80 episodes. I either podcast with myself, or bring on a guest to … Continue reading Starting a New Podcast…

What We Learned from Team of Teams

In this episode, Pilar and Lisette talk about a book that every manager and organisational leader (and indeed, anyone working with others) should read: Team of Teams. For the show notes and other episodes, look for the 21st Century Work Life podcast in your Podcast app. "Radical sharing of information with extreme decentralization of decision-making … Continue reading What We Learned from Team of Teams

Building Friendships through Podcasting

Every two weeks, I chat over Skype with Lisette Sutherland. We talk about different aspects of working with other people, mainly about working in a virtual team as this is Lisette's specialty and something I am very interested in. This chat forms the main part of my new podcast 21st Century Work Life, every fortnight. … Continue reading Building Friendships through Podcasting

New Audiobook about Spain: The A to Z of Spanish Culture

The summer was all about audio for me.I finally finished recording my book The A to Z of Spanish Culture and I released a new podcast about Spain.The audiobook was a bit of a strange experience: revising something I wrote two years ago and which sometimes, was out of date. I didn't realise how much … Continue reading New Audiobook about Spain: The A to Z of Spanish Culture