An unexpected trigger to procrastination

I'm used to procrastinating. I often decide to sit down to write and then take about ten minutes before getting my butt on the chair. (It's always a chair - I tried once to sit on the floor, leaning against the sofa with my laptop, but I realised I couldn't write for more than ten … Continue reading An unexpected trigger to procrastination

The Simple Truth about Writing

I’m on what I call an “artistic break”, by which I mean that I am completely removed from my day to day. Instead, I’m taking the time to catch up with all those projects swirling around my head, that are leaving little pebbles in my note-taking devices and apps. I have notes in my Remarkable, … Continue reading The Simple Truth about Writing

Creative Distraction

I’ve finished reading a book, “Chatter“ by Ethan Kross. It’s about the voice in our head – not the voices, plural, that would’ve been a different kind of book. As far as I remember (I’m terrible at remembering content – a film, a novel, I forget all about them once I reach the end), the … Continue reading Creative Distraction

In the bag

In a previous post, I shared the first adventure of Happy Daisy in the park.I showed my friend Alba who is helping me develop the character and she encouraged me to continue the story. One of my other friends, Chris, also wondered about what Daisy would find in the bag.So here is the next scene: … Continue reading In the bag

Hijacking and Haikus

At some point last year, I hopped onto my husband's artistic project. Kevin has been creating an image of his character, Technoman, every week for a couple of years. I admire his discipline very much. Every week, he places Technoman in a different environment, observing the objects and creatures around him, drawing us in. He … Continue reading Hijacking and Haikus

Happiness in Unusual Places

One day I went to Ravenscourt Park for my daily walk. The light and my mood made me look at everything with different eyes. I looked for scenarios for Daisy and the What Ifs ( you’ll meet them in due course). Here’s one of the first stories that came out.

Moment of Inspiration I

"Little Andy, who was six foot four, was wearing jeans instead of his postman's uniform."John Le Carré in SilverviewI make copious notes in the non-fiction books I read. When I read a novel, however, I tend to highlight only one or two sentences - like the above. I aspire to writing like this. In one … Continue reading Moment of Inspiration I

My daily fiction routine

I had a fantastic holiday. A proper one. Not the periods of time when I’m away from base and work at half speed – those are more like “breaks from normal life”: life continues away from base and it’s affected by the new surroundings. But they’re not holidays. A holiday, like the one I had, … Continue reading My daily fiction routine

Animating Happy Daisy

 Over the Christmas break, I created my first animation. Actually, I created a couple of animations a while ago, but I can’t remember how, I think I used Keynote in some way… In any case, this feels like my first animation, and it’s definitely my first frame by frame 2D animation.  I learned quite a … Continue reading Animating Happy Daisy