You should be able to find all these shows wherever you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
The links below will take you to each show’s dedicated website. The first three shows are still going, the other three have either ended or are on pause.
If you want to start your own show and need a co-host, I’m for hire!

21st Century Work Life podcast and leading remote teams
We talk about how the world of work and our attitudes to work are changing. I’ve been hosting this show for over 240episodes now!

Facilitation Stories – brought to you by IAF England &Wales
Part of a team hosting and producing a fortnightly show for facilitators, by facilitators.

My Pocket Psych
I co-host with Dr Richard MacKinnon, organisational psychologist, who’s the one who knows what he’s talking about, I just go along for the ride! The show is all about helping you to thrive at work, not just survive it.

Management Café
Thoughts on guidance on managing remote teams and colocated ones. Same principles apply! Includes the series “Oh No! My Team’s Gone Remote!” from the 21st Century Work Life podcast.

Word Maze
What I’m learning about writing.

En clave de podcast
With co-host Craig Wealand from Inglés Podcast. For 21 episodes, we interviewed a range of podcasters broadcasting in Spanish. And during the second half, we talked about them in English, behind their backs.

Spain Uncovered podcast
40 episodes about Spanish culture, including solo shows and interviews with guests. A great complement to my book The A to Z of Spanish Culture. (Now in its 3rd edition, with new material by Paul Read.)