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The links below will take you to each show’s dedicated website. The first three shows are still going, the other three have either ended or are on pause.

Below these shows I cost and co-host, you can find links to interviews on other podcasts.

If you want to start your own show and need a co-host, I’m for hire!

Adventures in Podcasting
It won’t surprise any of you that I’ve started a show on podcasting!

21st Century Work Life podcast and leading remote teams
We talk about how the world of work and our attitudes to work are changing. I’ve been hosting this show for over 270 episodes now!

Facilitation Stories – brought to you by IAF England &Wales
Part of a team hosting and producing a fortnightly show for facilitators, by facilitators.

My Pocket Psych
I co-host with Dr Richard MacKinnon, organisational psychologist, who’s the one who knows what he’s talking about, I just go along for the ride! The show is all about helping you to thrive at work, not just survive it.

Management Café
The first 23 episodes of this show are solo episodes, plus one guest episode with my friend Anish. From September 2022, these are co-hosted episodse, where Tim Burgess and I discuss over coffee an aspect of leadership and management. Part reflection/philosophy, part therapy!

Word Maze
What I’m learning about writing. (Or what I learned over a few years, as this show is paused.)

En clave de podcast
With co-host Craig Wealand from Inglés Podcast. For 21 episodes, we interviewed a range of podcasters broadcasting in Spanish. And during the second half, we talked about them in English, behind their backs.

Spain Uncovered podcast
40 episodes about Spanish culture, including solo shows and interviews with guests. A great complement to my book The A to Z of Spanish Culture. (Now in its 3rd edition, with new material by Paul Read.)

Now for the shows I was proud to guest on:

Making Shift Happen Podcast

1.03 Leadership in the Hybrid Working World

In this episode of the Making Shift Happen Podcast, I talk with Jay Chopra and Anne Mahler about leadership in the new hybrid work environment.

Remote-First Podcast

Episode 1 with Pilar Orti

I join Danny Hardman for the very first episode of the Remote-First podcast. We discuss self-awareness and how developing our own discipline are must-haves for remote work.

Northcentral University Podcast Series

CAVO Ep. 46: The Next Big Organizational Experiment

Theresa S. Hollema and I discuss the opportunities, risks, and plans of the next big organizational experiment and the most challenging remote configuration – hybrid working.

Workshops Work

The Voiceover118: Unusual facilitation: Podcasting, theatre and audio-only platforms

In this episode, Dr Myriam Hadnes and I explore facilitation using different creative media, the balance of process and outcomes, and how to have lots of light and laughter along the way.

The Women Talking About Learning Podcast

The Voiceover One

Hosted by Andrew Jacobs, fellow voiceover artist Katelyn Dawn and I chat all about voiceover and the benefits of using it to upgrade the quality of audio projects.

Leaders Who Love What They Do Podcast

Season 1, Episode 6. Working from home: staying connected and rethinking collaboration

In this episode, Ann Collins and I talk about the challenges and opportunities presented to us by the explosion of remote/home working due to COVID.

Podcast & Business

Ep. 260 Is remote work here to stay?

Juan Carlos Giraldo and I have a conversation about the challenges of having to suddenly work from home. (This episode is in Spanish.)

Coworking Values Podcast

Pilar Orti: Collaboration Doesn’t Only Happen In Meetings

In this conversation, Bernie J. Mitchell and Željko (Jack) Crnjaković and I talk about the difference of collaborating physically and online. How that collaboration has many pieces and is made up of many kinds of communication and how it affects remote working now that it has become the “new normal”.

My Pocket Psych: The Psychology of the Workplace

Episode 66 Asynchronous working

I’m adding this episode here because, although I co-host regularly on the show with Dr. Richard, I got particularly involved with this conversation. We talk about what it means when work is asynchronous and what’s really important to bear in mind when we’re not ‘at work’ at the same time. 

Facilitation Stories – IAF England Wales

FS19 From Facilitating through Theatre to the Online Space

I talk to host Helene Jewell and recount my facilitation journey, starting with running a theatre company for 10 years, to my present-day work of training managers of remote teams.

DistantJob Podcast

Thinking Remote with Pilar Orti

Is it possible to have your team members work visibly and still respect their own individual processes? In this episode with host Luis Magalhaes, we discuss questions and topics such as how the concept of “Visible Teamwork” beats “Working Out Loud”.

Podcast futuro del trabajo

Episodio 96 – Teletrabajadores por sorpresa

Jordi Serrano, Rafa Díaz and Santiago García and I talk about the challenges faced by the many people who, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, have become teleworkers overnight without being prepared for it. (The episode was recorded in Spanish.)

Podcast futuro del trabajo

Episodio 26 – Equipos virtuales (pero no distantes)

In this episode, I speak with Jordi Serrano and Santiago García about the rise of virtual teams, the advantages for companies, and the issues that are important to bear in mind to ensure the success of the transition to this new way of working. (The episode was recorded in Spanish.)

Collaboration Superpowers Podcast

Episode 4 – Humanizing Remote Work

My first recorded conversation with Lisette Sutherland back in 2014.

Collaboration Superpowers Podcast

Episode 233 – Thinking Remote: Inspiration for Leaders of Distributed Teams

Maya Middlemiss and I talk with Lisette Sutherland about our book “Thinking Remote. Inspiration for Leaders of Distributed Teams”, why we wrote it, and we dive into some of the content.

Teammate Apart Podcast

Leveraging “visible teamwork” in remote collaboration and the power of community

Ryan Roghaar and I talk about the mindset shifts required to be successful in remote work, “visible teamwork” being seen when working apart, the importance of community for virtual workers and so much more.

Remote Work Life Podcast

RWL 064 – Here’s how managers can support their remote teams

I talk with Alex Wilson-Campbell about how you can best support your remote team, especially if you’re new to working remotely, and how to keep your team connected and on track.