Deliberate Communication – surfacing the person behind the avatar

I'm experimenting with a storytelling-type device for the book on Visible Teamwork in remote teams. Here's my first bash at it. Do let me know what you think. “I feel like we’ve gone from being in touch all day, pinging each other constantly, having group virtual coffees every day to… silence. Everyone seems to be … Continue reading Deliberate Communication – surfacing the person behind the avatar

Looking for Something Different?

I also blog at Virtual not Distant. Virtual not Distant is the company through which I'm trying to change the world of work. I don't advocate for working virtually - I work for finding a way of working together that makes us all happier. Technology can enable this (for some of us) but technology is … Continue reading Looking for Something Different?

Yammer for Virtual Teams

I'm slowly beginning to gain some knowledge of the wide range of online collaboration tools out there used by virtual teams. If you are part of a virtual team, or if you are an entrepreneur, you will most likely have heard of Basecamp, Yammer, SapJam, Chatter and even Asana, Podio and Trello (this last one … Continue reading Yammer for Virtual Teams