Looking for Something Different?

I also blog at Virtual not Distant.

Virtual not Distant is the company through which I’m trying to change the world of work. I don’t advocate for working virtually – I work for finding a way of working together that makes us all happier.

Technology can enable this (for some of us) but technology is not enough.

We need to change our mindset, our behaviour and our ideas about what work is or what it should be.

If you’re reading but prefer to listen, I invite you to join me on the 21st Century Work Life podcast. Every other week I have virtual coffee in front of the microphone, with my friend Lisette Sutherland, on the other end of Skype. The other “other week”, I talk to someone else about the future of work, the present of work and changing mindsets.

You can find the articles and podcast episodes through the Inspiration page.


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