Yammer for Virtual Teams

I’m slowly beginning to gain some knowledge of the wide range of online collaboration tools out there used by virtual teams. If you are part of a virtual team, or if you are an entrepreneur, you will most likely have heard of Basecamp, Yammer, SapJam, Chatter and even Asana, Podio and Trello (this last one was completely new to me until I asked a friend of mine what tool he was using with his friends to build a new app).

Is your head spinning already?

As if you hadn’t had enough with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumbler, etc etc, now there’s a whole range of applications out there which are designed to make working remotely a little bit more social.

Of all the ones I’ve tried so far, Yammer’s my favourite. Yes, I do like the name, maybe because it reminds me of “yummy”. Although it does sound like “jammer” in Dutch, which means unfortunate. I’ve opened Yammer accounts for two different small businesses. Both attempts at online interaction failed miserably. Not because of the software itself, but because its use was being left to chance. Which is a pity. Because if we don’t use an online space, we use email. (Or Facebook!)

So, if any of this is of any interest to you, go ahead. Read my last two blog posts on my blog on Virtual Teams, Virtual not Distant. Have a look first at A Guide to Using Yammer for Virtual Teams and if you find that one useful, have a look at how to use the Files and Bookmarks features.

And do come back to let me know your thoughts…

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