I have E-book Fever (or why I thank the Kindle)

I have e-book fever.I'm buying them, downloading them,Searching for them, collecting them.I collect them on the Kindle,Mainly those that sell for - FREE!I have e-book fever.I'm creating them, uploading them,I'm selling them and giving them away,Promoting them through blogs,Through multiple Twitter accounts,Even through some Facebook pages- Argh!Facebook! The fever made me delirious!I have three books … Continue reading I have E-book Fever (or why I thank the Kindle)

Difficult Conversations

I'm reading a book about "difficult conversations", those conversations we don't want to have, because they make us feel uneasy. Ironically, I have just had a conversation that was difficult for a different reason: the medium was wrong. Take a guess. Yes, I was using e-mail.The conversation should have been completely normal and was actually … Continue reading Difficult Conversations

Too Much Out There

Running a small business is great as new opportunities keep coming your way. It is also very dangerous (I see you nodding), as it might become difficult to focus on our original objectives.With the world wide web, the possibilities to reach a wider market are there. All a learning provider needs to do is to … Continue reading Too Much Out There

I love Garcia Lorca: Birth of a New Blog

My life-long love of Federico Garcia Lorca, the Spanish poet/playwright, has finally resulted in a digital output.Yesterday I set up the blog I love Garcia Lorca. My aim is to create a portal where his "fans" (though not in a Facebook kind of way!) can find their way to "all things Federico". My adoration of … Continue reading I love Garcia Lorca: Birth of a New Blog

An Outlet for Stories

I used to write a lot of fiction when I was younger. My parents bought a computer around 1988 - I used to spend lots of time at it, typing away. My parents were so happy, they thought I was studying like mad for my 'A' levels. I remember my father's disappointment when he realised … Continue reading An Outlet for Stories

Gestures in the Digital Age

I've always been intrigued by the evolutionary reasons for crying. One of the most palatable answers I have come across is that, when we cry, we show everyone around us how upset we are. As we are a social animal and our survival as a species relies on us being close to others, I am … Continue reading Gestures in the Digital Age


Now that I have spent some time away from the Internet, I realise how much energy and stimulation I get from it.Jumping from blog to blog, clicking through various links, tweeting and re-tweeting (both words accepted by the blogspot spellchecker - which doesn't recognise blogspot!) about things that mattered to me. Those were the habits … Continue reading E-nspiration

The Power of Stories

Something lovely happened to me yesterday. I got an e-mail from a university friend of my parents. My parents lived in Palo Alto for four years when they were in their mid-20s, from 1968 to 1972. If you consider the social environment in California then, compared to that in Spain, you can imagine the influence … Continue reading The Power of Stories

Spelling Matters

Sometimes you search and search for the right thing to say and then... it's there, right in front of you!I couldn't quite make up my mind on whether to write a short post on The Placebo Effect (triggered by a Dr Karl podcast) or whether to write about Flat Earth News, which I am currently … Continue reading Spelling Matters

When I Grow Up, I Want to be Like Her

Someone very dear to me recently retired. She worked as a civil servant in Spain all her life. During her time there she opened an international relations department, was demoted a couple of times (you can't fire a civil servant, so when governments change, so do the higher roles), moved between ministries, shook the King's … Continue reading When I Grow Up, I Want to be Like Her

Why eye contact matters

One of the things I used to notice when using public transport in Madrid, was that the bus drivers seemed much happier than those in London. One of the reasons must be, of course, that the London bus drivers are stuck behind a glass pane. But I am sure that one of the reasons why … Continue reading Why eye contact matters