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Using the Kindle to Review Your Documents

After almost three months I’m returning to this blog to share with you another great use for your Kindle (or your e-book reader, as many of them probably have similar features). I’ve been using it recently to proofread the update of Thriving through Change. It’s a short book but, nevertheless, […]

Continous Learning from My Kindle

Following a previous post where I shared some new discoveries in the English vocabulary, brought to me by the Kindle dictionary, here are some more. (For how to make the best out of your Kindle, see another previous post.) As I was reading Jennifer Egan’s Look at Me on my […]

Kindle and A Love of Words

At the age of 14, I had the choice of either continuing my education in English, or switching to Spanish. The reason why I took my ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels and not BUP and COU (if you know what I’m talking about, please don’t give away my age!) was my […]

I have E-book Fever (or why I thank the Kindle)

I have e-book fever.I’m buying them, downloading them,Searching for them, collecting them.I collect them on the Kindle,Mainly those that sell for – FREE! I have e-book fever.I’m creating them, uploading them,I’m selling them and giving them away,Promoting them through blogs,Through multiple Twitter accounts,Even through some Facebook pages- Argh!Facebook! The fever […]