I love Garcia Lorca: Birth of a New Blog

My life-long love of Federico Garcia Lorca, the Spanish poet/playwright, has finally resulted in a digital output.

Yesterday I set up the blog I love Garcia Lorca. My aim is to create a portal where his “fans” (though not in a Facebook kind of way!) can find their way to “all things Federico”. My adoration of this artist sometimes feel a bit strange, considering he died in 1936. But his plays were incredibly sophisticated in both content and style and way ahead of his time – and, for some reason, they speak to me.

I can’t help but feel a bit sad when I think of all the plans he had for future work and how he could have continued to revolutionise Spanish (and even European) theatre if he had lived longer, albeit in exile, of course.

I invite you to visit http://ilovegarcialorca.blogspot.com

See you there!

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