Too Much Out There

Running a small business is great as new opportunities keep coming your way. It is also very dangerous (I see you nodding), as it might become difficult to focus on our original objectives.
With the world wide web, the possibilities to reach a wider market are there. All a learning provider needs to do is to shape their material into different forms: books, e-books, podcasts, blogs (micro and macro), webminars, workshops erm… that’s as far as I’ve got, at the moment.

While not quite on the webminar front yet, I am exploring all the other areas of delivering learning solutions. Maybe one or two will be shed off along the way – after all, there has to be room for anything else that will come our way. The speed at which imagination can be applied to technology is scary. As I am not in the field, I feel like I’m at the mercy of others.

To decide on my 10,000 options, maybe I should sit down with an imaginary friend (a real imaginary friend, not a Facebook one) and go through all the options with them. After reading a piece by Daniel Pink, I can’t help but feel this is the best way in which to apply my neurons. (Although I would prefer a real friend [not imaginary, not Facebook] to solve my problems for me, but this is not always possible…)

So, as I keep chopping and changing with the world around me, I was glad to be told (through this month’s recommended book) that “Change is Your Competitive Advantage”. Phew.

I keep trying to follow my own advice and listen to my body, centre my breath and, above all, bring my shoulders down. It does help. Really – give it a try. And if you need a little bit more guidance on this, have a look at

Enjoy the weekend! (In the UK we have Monday off too!)

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