New Audiobook about Spain: The A to Z of Spanish Culture

The summer was all about audio for me.

I finally finished recording my book The A to Z of Spanish Culture and I released a new podcast about Spain.

The audiobook was a bit of a strange experience: revising something I wrote two years ago and which sometimes, was out of date. I didn’t realise how much the situation in Spain had changed in two years and how much of my perception of what was going on had changed too. So I updated bits and pieces, like the abdication of King Juan Carlos, as I went along.

With the Spain Uncovered podcast, I’m learning about different regions in Spain I’ve never visited myself. Through the eyes of people living in the country today, I’m experiencing what’s changing in the country and the potential it has for further change. If you want to open your eyes and widen your point of view and reference, start an interview-based podcast.

In the Spain Uncovered podcast, I talk to some people I’ve only met online and some that I’ve met in person only a few times (or even only once!). I also catch up with some old friends – it feels a bit odd to ask them their opinions and their views in such a public forum, but I’m really enjoying it.

And now, as part of this same podcast, I’ll be speaking some Spanish into the mic. The Discovering Spanish Friday specials will start in October. I do love stock phrases – thinking about their literal meaning and finding out when they entered every day speech. So that’s what I’ll be doing in this new weekly episode, to complement the current Spain Uncovered podcast.

Maybe see you around?

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