The Hidden Treasure Inside Your Kindle

“Here’s how I’m planning my podcast. You know the Vocabulary Builder on your Kindle?”
“What… no…”
“Maybe you have an old version, have a look. See there, by the menu, click on Vocabulary Builder.”

Her face lit up.

“You see, those are all the words you’ve ever looked up.”

Her eyes widened.

“Here you can see the books the word is in and over here, you can see the sentence in which it’s being used.”

Her eyes widened more and her face lit up again.

I would love it if I could make your eyes open that wide and your face lit up as much as those of my friend Sue’s. So, if you weren’t aware of the Vocabulary Builder on your Kindle Paperwhite, let me introduce it to you.

I’m using it to guide me through my new podcast Word Maze, where I share those words  I looked up in the Kindle dictionary, to find out what they meant, or if I had already come across them before, to double check their exact meaning. (To find out more about Word Maze click here.)

When you access the Vocabulary Builder on your Kindle through the menu, this is what you see: a wonderful picture of all those words you’ve looked up at some point.


If you click on the Books tab, you see a list of the books where you’ve looked up words.

Kindle-list of books

You can click on a book and discover the words you looked up while you were reading it.

Kindle-list of words

Click on one word and read its definition.


And then see how the author/s used it.


There you have it, the Vocabulary Builder in your Kindle.
(There are more things you can do with it. Check them out here on Amazon’s help page.)

If you haven’t got a Kindle yet, check out the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Voyage.

(These are affiliate links.)

And don’t forget to subscribe to Word Maze CafĂ© to be alerted when my new podcast comes out.

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