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Am I a Freak?

Who would have thought that some guys (well, I really shouldn’t be talking of Stephen D.Levitt and Stephen J Dubneras “some guys”) could build a brand using the word ‘freak’? I don’t know if it’s a long tail thing, but behaving like a freak (ie, doing things a little bit […]

A book about Innocent

This is the most enjoyable “business book” I have ever read. I’ve put the genre in inverted commas because the feel of it is completely different to anything I have come across before. It almost needs a new genre for itself. The book completely reflects innocent. Innocent was started by […]

Pausing to Reflect

I am a huge advocate for taking time off to think. Teams NEED to take time-off together to plan and take stock. And the busier they are, the greater the need. Last week I received a tweet about an article by Richard Branson, where he suggested that To Succeed, Take […]

The Extra One Per Cent

The Extra One Per Cent by Rob Yeung I do like Rob Yeung. Of course, I have never met him, but I have read three of his books and I do like the tone of them. Simple, straight forward and personal, in that his own values come through. So I […]

Currently Reading: Direct from Dell

I love a “success story” – I particularly like those where the hero/heroine has to battle through, wading against the odds. In the case of autobiographies/memoirs of business leaders, the “odds” come from the competition or others saying “You’ll never make it; you can’t do THAT!” I’ve just finished the […]