Am I a Freak?

Who would have thought that some guys (well, I really shouldn’t be talking of Stephen D.Levitt and Stephen J Dubneras "some guys”) could build a brand using the word 'freak'? I don’t know if it’s a long tail thing, but behaving like a freak (ie, doing things a little bit different to the norm) is … Continue reading Am I a Freak?

A book about Innocent

This is the most enjoyable "business book" I have ever read. I've put the genre in inverted commas because the feel of it is completely different to anything I have come across before. It almost needs a new genre for itself.The book completely reflects innocent. Innocent was started by three friends in 1999 and now … Continue reading A book about Innocent

Pausing to Reflect

I am a huge advocate for taking time off to think. Teams NEED to take time-off together to plan and take stock. And the busier they are, the greater the need.Last week I received a tweet about an article by Richard Branson, where he suggested that To Succeed, Take Some Time-Off. This week, I rejoiced … Continue reading Pausing to Reflect

The Extra One Per Cent

The Extra One Per Centby Rob YeungI do like Rob Yeung. Of course, I have never met him, but I have read three of his books and I do like the tone of them. Simple, straight forward and personal, in that his own values come through. So I was looking forward to 'The Extra One … Continue reading The Extra One Per Cent

Currently Reading: Direct from Dell

I love a "success story" - I particularly like those where the hero/heroine has to battle through, wading against the odds. In the case of autobiographies/memoirs of business leaders, the "odds" come from the competition or others saying "You'll never make it; you can't do THAT!"I've just finished the first part of Direct from Dell … Continue reading Currently Reading: Direct from Dell

Dipping in and out of The Wisdom of Crowds

The Wisdom of Crowdsby James Surowiecki There is something in me that always makes me want to ignore current trends or even sometimes go against them. I am no great 'rebel' but I am always suspicious about the reasons of why certain things become popular. I rarely read the latest bestseller until someone I trust … Continue reading Dipping in and out of The Wisdom of Crowds

40 Current Trends books for the price of one!

I'm currently reading: Marketing Greatest Hits, a masterclass in modern marketing ideas by Kevin DuncanI had never heard of it before, came across it in the library (Business section) and thought: what an attractive proposition, extended reviews of all those books I often see on the airport shelves and never know if they are any … Continue reading 40 Current Trends books for the price of one!