Pausing to Reflect

I am a huge advocate for taking time off to think. Teams NEED to take time-off together to plan and take stock. And the busier they are, the greater the need.

Last week I received a tweet about an article by Richard Branson, where he suggested that To Succeed, Take Some Time-Off. This week, I rejoiced at the post that came in through my inbox from the leadershipnow blog.

The post conveys the main ideas in the book Consider, by Daniel Patrick Forrester, about the need to take time to re-visit our ways of working and instigate change if needed. (And this on the day when booking opens for the Unusual Connections The Creative Leader programme, which has been structured precisely to give leaders the time to reflect.)  I invite you to read the Leadershipnow post by clicking here, especially as I haven’t read the book myself yet.

I’m just happy that the universe seems to be sending my way material to continue advocating for the need to reflect.

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