40 Current Trends books for the price of one!

I’m currently reading: Marketing Greatest Hits, a masterclass in modern marketing ideas by Kevin Duncan

I had never heard of it before, came across it in the library (Business section) and thought: what an attractive proposition, extended reviews of all those books I often see on the airport shelves and never know if they are any good… I wouldn’t place all the titles in the book under Marketing, most of them belong to that new breed of book that mixes current trends, sociology, anthropology, business, ethics etc

More than whether they are any good or not, I am interested to know how meaty they are, what the core ideas are, to see whether I think I will get to the end of the whole 200 or so pages that these books usually last.

I haven’t yet come to the summaries of books I HAVE read (such as Gladwell’s Blink or The Wisdom of Crowds) so I can’t really say how representative the summaries are or whether I agree with Mr Duncan’s opinion of them. But so far, I have become interested in The Long Tail and Flat Earth News. It will be interesting to see whether any of them materialise themselves in this Leadership and Organisational Behaviour books page.


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