Hospital Adventures: Part 2

So, I’m back in London.

My father now has his pump and things are much better than before, although we all still need some time to adapt.

The operation lasted about an hour – apparently the tube refused to stay in my father’s intestine and kept trying to come out, but all is well. Two days later, we were taking a long walk down Arturo Soria.

Carrying the thing around must be quite interesting for my father and he’s trying a range of different accesories, hoping to find one that makes him forget he’s carrying a little machine with him all the time. This is actually quite difficult, because the machine makes a little noise every time it pumps the medicine out. My father’s like a cat with a little bell round his neck: you always know where he is.

One new and interesting thing about the new medicine is that my father is able to renew himself without the help of drugs. We witnessed this yesterday for the very first time. After a long computer session, he looked really down. He sat himself on his green chair in front of the TV (watching an old Western, they now show Westerns on Telemadrid every afternoon!) for about half an hour. And after that, he was completely re-energised, without the need for medicines.

Resting is so important, and not just for Parkinsonians. I won’t get all high-and-mighty here to talk about it – enough said.

So, thanks everyone for all your messages regarding this. It looks like we’re at another stage of living with the disease. And so far, it’s a much more comfortable one.

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