Read, Practice, Write.

This is my new method for writing.Read: read anything remotely related to the subject, including books about writing.Practice: start writing, (e-mails don't count). This usually includes writing a blog post, as the blog reading community is quite tolerant and pieces don't need to be perfect as long as they are immediate. (Whatever that means, that … Continue reading Read, Practice, Write.

Parkinson’s – Much More than Just a Bit of Shaking

Some of you might know that my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 6 years ago. Far from being bad news, I was actually relieved to find that his general decaying state of mind and health actually had a name, and more importantly, that it was, to some extent, treatable. I didn't know much about … Continue reading Parkinson’s – Much More than Just a Bit of Shaking

Brain Matters

Learning matters. What you learn is lodged somewhere in your brain, ready to be squeezed out when you need it.Sometimes we are conscious of what we have learnt (a skill, a poem, a scientific fact). Other times, what we learn is absorbed by our persona (a behaviour, an attitude, a habit).I have recently been thinking … Continue reading Brain Matters