It Pays to be In the Moment

I don't have a smartphone and I rarely listen to my podcasts when I'm on the go. I spend so much time in front of the computer and on the internet that when I go out, whether I'm walking or taking public transport, I want to make sure I am fully engaged with what I'm … Continue reading It Pays to be In the Moment

Hospital Adventures: Part 2

So, I'm back in London.My father now has his pump and things are much better than before, although we all still need some time to adapt.The operation lasted about an hour - apparently the tube refused to stay in my father's intestine and kept trying to come out, but all is well. Two days later, … Continue reading Hospital Adventures: Part 2

Two Book Related Posts

As I mentioned in a last entry here, I'm just popping by to let you know about two posts I've written on my Dreaming and Writing blog.One of the posts includes my thoughts on Asa Larsson's Until Thy Wrath be Past while the second post talks about the first part of Charles Duhigg's The Power … Continue reading Two Book Related Posts

Read, Practice, Write.

This is my new method for writing.Read: read anything remotely related to the subject, including books about writing.Practice: start writing, (e-mails don't count). This usually includes writing a blog post, as the blog reading community is quite tolerant and pieces don't need to be perfect as long as they are immediate. (Whatever that means, that … Continue reading Read, Practice, Write.

End-of-Year Book Thoughts

It's the first of December. I know there's still some time left until Christmas, but as everyone is already talking about it and the decorations (quite tasteful this year by the way) are already up in cities, airports and shops, well, I'm in an end-of-the-year-review mode. (And anyway, times goes so incredibly fast lately, that … Continue reading End-of-Year Book Thoughts

Unusual Tip to Get Big Things Done

I have discovered something lately that is making my life easier. I don't know whether I read about it somewhere before or if I've worked it out for myself. In any case, that's not important. What's important is: it works for me. So maybe it can work for you too?I have a few "big" projects … Continue reading Unusual Tip to Get Big Things Done

Parkinson’s – Much More than Just a Bit of Shaking

Some of you might know that my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 6 years ago. Far from being bad news, I was actually relieved to find that his general decaying state of mind and health actually had a name, and more importantly, that it was, to some extent, treatable. I didn't know much about … Continue reading Parkinson’s – Much More than Just a Bit of Shaking

Something a little bit different.

2012 has definitely been the year of the App for me. The year of technology, to be more precise. Making full use of my Kindle, using an iPad for work and pleasure (let's face it, the only way I can tell whether I'm working or playing is by what time of the day I'm active). … Continue reading Something a little bit different.

Social Media for the Over-40s: Twitter

For those of you who missed "Social Media for the Over-40s: Facebook", I'll introduce this new post by letting you know that I will be 40 this year. As I feel that I am part of a generation who has mixed feelings about social media, I'd like to share my own experiences hoping they will … Continue reading Social Media for the Over-40s: Twitter

Did You Miss Me?

I've been away a bit from Blogger and I feel a bit guilty.A bit like when you meet someone new and you keep talking about them to your best friend, who feels just a little bit jealous of the attention the new person in your life is getting, but has to wait 'till the initial … Continue reading Did You Miss Me?

Why We Don’t LIke Waiting in Line

I constantly find myself looking for things to do to avoid "empty time".When I used to fly regularly with easyjet and had to check-in, I always took my MP3 player with me, to listen to my podcasts. On the tube and train, I always take something to read. It's not that I don't like my … Continue reading Why We Don’t LIke Waiting in Line

Brain Matters

Learning matters. What you learn is lodged somewhere in your brain, ready to be squeezed out when you need it.Sometimes we are conscious of what we have learnt (a skill, a poem, a scientific fact). Other times, what we learn is absorbed by our persona (a behaviour, an attitude, a habit).I have recently been thinking … Continue reading Brain Matters