Implementing Deliberate Communication

Rough draft of the next section I asked Anna how the suggestion of introducing a system of “Deliberate Communication” had landed with her team. Her suggestion had got a mixed reception. While Sandra and Michael had welcomed a system to know what team members were up to, Pete had frowned throughout most of the conversation … Continue reading Implementing Deliberate Communication

Deliberate Communication – surfacing the person behind the avatar

I'm experimenting with a storytelling-type device for the book on Visible Teamwork in remote teams. Here's my first bash at it. Do let me know what you think. “I feel like we’ve gone from being in touch all day, pinging each other constantly, having group virtual coffees every day to… silence. Everyone seems to be … Continue reading Deliberate Communication – surfacing the person behind the avatar

Visible Teamwork – Introduction

Writing a book takes a long time - and seeing as, like all art, it has little value unless it's shared, I thought I'd post the draft as I go along.  There’s no going back.  In 2020, many, many knowledge workers were locked down in their homes and had no choice but to work from … Continue reading Visible Teamwork – Introduction

Think Write Converse – what I’m reading

I had the privilege of reading two pieces of work in progress: one a piece of creative non-fiction (memoirs, travel books) and one a business book. I love reading work in progress pieces - not sure why. Maybe because it engages the editing side of my brain, and it's a lot more fun to edit … Continue reading Think Write Converse – what I’m reading

WM32 Why do We Write Fiction?

Word Maze podcast

Why do we write? I struggled so much during the re-write that I almost threw it all away and gave up this “I want to write fiction” thing.

Why I didn’t:

  • I hate dropping stuff before giving it a proper go – that’s why I went to drama school
  • I’m learning a lot
  • I know that what I’m doing is hard, so if I get through it, or almost there, it will be amazing
  • I’m paying for the process!
  • I still don’t know why we write / create art

2. Really glad I put the work in, because apparently, the writing has improved. Now the problem is the story, but that’s ok, because that’s fun. Now I’ve gone back to previous writing and seen how much MORE rewriting I need to do…

Still hard, I need to find the truth! Which means spending more time developing the relationship between Paula…

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So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson.

It's not often I finish a book and say out loud, "Well, that was depressing". Though absolutely entertaining and enjoyable, the book left me thinking how much our penitentiary system (yes, that's not a typo, shaming is at the core of how we're punished) fails us as individuals and society, as well as how easy … Continue reading So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson.

‘The House We Grew Up In’ by Lisa Jewell

In my last post, I shared how I had high hopes for November. And I did. I won't say that my hopes were dashed, but I didn't achieve everything I wanted to achieve. But that's ok, it was a good month anyway. Mainly, I didn't finish the novel I started working on for NaNoWriMo. However, … Continue reading ‘The House We Grew Up In’ by Lisa Jewell

I Have High Hopes for November

I have high hopes for November. For a start it’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), the time of year when I make sure I get a bit of fiction writing every day - more or less. It’s the month when at some point, I realise that I am well behind my word count, and I … Continue reading I Have High Hopes for November

Drops of Happiness: Move Around

Move around! Work / think/ play in different surroundings. In an office: have you got access to different areas? Move around! In public transport: do you always tend to sit (or stand!) in the same spot? In the city: do you often use the same parts of the city? And you don’t need to take … Continue reading Drops of Happiness: Move Around

Drops of Happiness: Read

Start the day reading. Set some time aside if it makes you happy. It's food for the soul. You don't need to be learning, just enjoy it. You don't even need to know why you're enjoying it, though it's fun to wonder why: Is it the style, the plot, the story? Does it transport you … Continue reading Drops of Happiness: Read

‘The Organized Mind’ by Daniel Levitin

First, a small confession, or at least, something you might want to know about why I read non-fiction. It's not always to learn what the author thinks I want to know. Or at least, not to take notes on what they want me to take from the book. I read non-fiction mainly for pleasure, to … Continue reading ‘The Organized Mind’ by Daniel Levitin