‘A Far Cry from Kensington’ by Muriel Spark

I call this type of books “cozy reading” – they’re not hard work too read, they usually don’t shake me emotionally and I know some of the characters are going to make me feel warm. And I always laugh when I read Muriel Spark and enjoy her social commentary.

A Far Cry from Kensington‘ is as ever, full of characters and bite.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many quotes to share from this one, but I thought it was worth dropping by.
farcry book

“So great was the noise during the day that I used to lie awake at night listening to the silence.”

“I have sometimes observed that people close to one another can discuss their private affairs before others better than alone.”

All quotes from Muriel Spark’s ‘A Far Cry From Kensington’ Virago Modern Classics Book, page 116 and 5 from the Kindle Edition published by Little, Brown Book Group.

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