‘Nutshell’ by Ian McEwan

nutshell in book

Books have just been accumulating in my Kindle. I finish them, I want to recommend them, write a little bit about them and share the passages I’ve marked. But it just never happens. I finished this book such a long time ago, and it’s still sitting in my device, waiting…

So, from today, I will share those books I’ve really enjoyed reading, although I might not share exactly why. I will though, share those quotes I thought were worth marking and keeping for later.

(If you want to know what’s keeping me from being more thorough, read this post.)

“We’ll always be troubled by how things are – that’s how it stands with the difficult gift of consciousness.” 

“God said, Let there be pain. And there was poetry. Eventually.”

“Lovers arrive at their first kisses with scars as well as longings.”

“Such refinements can’t be learned from podcasts.”
(I’m including this one so that you can see that podcasts have finally made it into popular culture. In this book, the main character’s mother listens to podcasts constantly.)

All quotes from Ian McEwan’s “Nutshell“, p.18, 30, 81, 92 Kindle Edition, published by RandomHouse.

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