What Happens When It Rains?

I have started another book: 31 Poems for the Angry Commuter. Have a look at this poem and tell me what you think. Thank you!

What happens when it rains?

Everything stops and
Everything speeds up.

Our thoughts stop, or rather,
They become muddled,
Our thoughts become one big mess, a bundle of spaghetti,
Our brain becomes spaghetti carbonara.

If only!

If only it stopped raining, I could take a walk.
If only it stopped raining, I’d ride my bike.
If only it stopped raining, I would go for a run.

But it keeps raining.

So I take the bus.
Or I drive my car.
Or, even worse, I take the tube.

The buses smell.
Everyone’s coats are damp.
The smell of cigarette and alcohol mixes with the rain to create a sticky odour.
It sticks to my nostrils. For minutes after I get off the bus.

I wish I’d taken the car.

The cars slow down,
The hands grip the wheel,
You drive through a blurry reality as you are hypnotised by the windscreen wipers.

The pedestrians speed up:

Don’t run as you cross the road when it rains!!!

Slippery surfaces, they’re everywhere.

The worse are the puddles by the curb.
You walk on the sidewalk,
The cars don’t see you,
so you get splashed.

Or worse still:
The cars see you
and you get drenched.

That’s what happens when it rains.

Everything stops and everything speeds up.

I change my plans.
Can’t be bothered to travel to the other side of town.
Can’t be bothered to take out my umbrella and carry it around.
In my bag.
When it’s wet.
Or when it’s broken.

I change my plans.
Everything that needed to be done today is done tomorrow.
Everything stops.

But a whole day spent doing nothing means a week catching up with myself.

When everything stops, it later needs to speed up.

That’s what happens when it rains.

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