The Privacy of Writing

My friend, Bernie, organises, (or used to organise) a writing club. People writing a blog post or any other text would gather around a table to write. During NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) the community managers organised meet ups for people to meet up and… you got it: write. Once a week writer and podcaster … Continue reading The Privacy of Writing

Inspiration comes when you grab your pen and paper…

Whatever that pen and paper is. It’s been a while. I’ve been working on Daisy’s calendar and on the Technoman book with Kevin. Podcasting and client work have also got in the way. I would also love to blame novel writing for the lack of drawings, but that has its very own slot at the … Continue reading Inspiration comes when you grab your pen and paper…

What’s the deal with the coffee cup?

I do like coffee. I now associate drinking a cup of coffee with taking ten minutes to read a book. Or to jot down my thoughts. Things that many consider a luxury, but for me are a necessity. Maybe that’s why the coffee cup keeps appearing here.

Your head in the clouds

2 graphics today, don’t miss out on the second one, mixed media and everything. Let me know which you prefer. Do you love day dreaming? I do. I also like to retreat into my little bubble away from the world every now and then. Guess what? So does Daisy. And you? And the alternative: Sometimes … Continue reading Your head in the clouds

Slow down and smell the coffee

The smell of coffee should not bring us down to earth. The smell of coffee reminds us that there are things in life worth slowing down for. If you love this design and want to see it in your home or gift it to others, you can now shop over at the POG SMILES shop.

Introducing Timo the Penguin

This guy appeared when I was doing some “research” - that’s what I call the sessions when I draw whatever. I don’t know what I’m going to draw, but it’s important that I don’t think about what might come out, but let the hand bring something out on the piece of paper, iPad, Remarkable, the … Continue reading Introducing Timo the Penguin