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Writing about Online Meetings

I’m currently writing “Online Meetings that Rock”. As always, the project started as a “oh, that sounds like it could be useful to people, and there doesn’t seem to be many books on the subject”. While online meetings do appear as a chapter in most books on virtual leadership, or […]

On Being an Artist

“It is just an accident that determines whether an artist becomes musician, painter or writer. All art is based on a desire to communicate, a love of beauty, a need to create order out of disorder.” Patricia Highsmith Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction

An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day, but more like the kind of ordinary day I used to have months ago. Things have gone quite quiet in the voice over front recently, and most of my jobs and meetings have taken place online. So today was a little bit different, and a […]

Londres.London: Chalcot Square.

This post is part of the Londres.London series. Everyone likes visiting Camden Market in London. Usually, tourists get off at Camden Town tube and walk up the High Street. Why not take a slightly different route to the market, or continue further up North once you’ve done your shopping? If […]

The Ordinary Life of a Voiceover Artist

Available for pre-order for the Kindle. Available for pre-order on all other ebook formats. (Soon available on other online stores too.) The paperback is coming very soon. I can email you when it’s ready. Click here to sign up (I won’t use your email address for anything else.) “They’re ready […]