Blending Digital Art with Poetry

My husband and I are working together on a project. He creates an image featuring his character Technoman, and I write three lines of poetry, Haiku-style. (They're not strictly Haikus, so "-style" is important. Here are three recent ones. I'll release more over the coming weeks. If you're on Instagram, you can follow the project … Continue reading Blending Digital Art with Poetry

Playing with ideas

For the past year or so, I've been trying to capture some of my ideas as illustrations, rather than words. (Or illustrations with some words.) I've been sharing some through my newsletter, and thought it was time to share them with the wider world. Here are some I prepared earlier.

Implementing Deliberate Communication

Rough draft of the next section I asked Anna how the suggestion of introducing a system of “Deliberate Communication” had landed with her team. Her suggestion had got a mixed reception. While Sandra and Michael had welcomed a system to know what team members were up to, Pete had frowned throughout most of the conversation … Continue reading Implementing Deliberate Communication

Deliberate Communication – surfacing the person behind the avatar

I'm experimenting with a storytelling-type device for the book on Visible Teamwork in remote teams. Here's my first bash at it. Do let me know what you think. “I feel like we’ve gone from being in touch all day, pinging each other constantly, having group virtual coffees every day to… silence. Everyone seems to be … Continue reading Deliberate Communication – surfacing the person behind the avatar

Visible Teamwork – Introduction

Writing a book takes a long time - and seeing as, like all art, it has little value unless it's shared, I thought I'd post the draft as I go along.  There’s no going back.  In 2020, many, many knowledge workers were locked down in their homes and had no choice but to work from … Continue reading Visible Teamwork – Introduction

Think Write Converse – what I’m reading

I had the privilege of reading two pieces of work in progress: one a piece of creative non-fiction (memoirs, travel books) and one a business book. I love reading work in progress pieces - not sure why. Maybe because it engages the editing side of my brain, and it's a lot more fun to edit … Continue reading Think Write Converse – what I’m reading