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I Found Myself Coworking by Mistake

If you drive, have you ever suddenly found yourself driving to work on a weekend by mistake? You start your journey and instead of going to the supermarket (or wherever), you automatically turn onto the road that leads you to work. That happened to me today. It’s Saturday. I opened […]

Check Out: The Cognitive Bias podcast

I have over 20 podcasts in my iPod (yes, I am one of those rare creatures that still downloads podcasts onto a listening device rather than onto their phone). But I still keep looking for more. I give everything that sounds relatively interesting a try. Here’s one I’ve just come […]

Why I Started Podcasting

I’m currently editing “Hi, I’m Here for a Recording, the ordinary life of a voiceover artist” which I hope will come out at the end of this year. (‘Hope’ being key, it will most likely be out in February…) I’ve just finished working through the section where I explain why […]