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Well, hello.

Step into my writing space…

Here, I write about anything that matters to me.

Probably I’ll write about writing and podcasting; sometimes I ramble.
Occasionally I talk about my friends and family.
I might share a poem or two with you; lately I’m only writing about books I’ve enjoyed, that you might like to read too.

I’ll share some podcast episodes that I think are particularly interesting or that I particularly enjoyed. (If you haven’t had enough of my voice, you can always check out the 21st Century Work Life podcast, Management CafĂ© or En clave de podcast.)

Maybe now is a good time to tell you that I work as a voiceover artist in London and I specialise in helping managers of virtual teams too (check out Virtual not Distant). Yes, my diverse professional life has seen me end up in Las Vegas beaming into a panel via a robot and voicing Xuli in the BBC’s animation series GoJetters.

I hope you’ll join me in one or two of my adventures.
See you!