Pilar’s Books

Thinking Remote: Inspiration for Leaders of Distributed Teams – with Maya Middlemiss
A collection of articles on leading remote teams, with some meaty reflection questions at the end of each chapter to help you design your next steps.

Hi, I’m Here for a Recording: The Ordinary Life of a Voiceover Artist
Some may say I’m too young to write a memoir, but I have plenty of stories about my time as a Spanish voiceover artist in London.
(Xuli in GoJetters, anyone?)

Thriving through Change at Work: Leading Yourself and Others Through Change
A short book on navigating through change at work. For now, only in ebook format.

The A to Z of Spanish Culture: Beyond Toros and Flamenco
A short book (most of my books are short!) about Spanish culture. Part fact, part memoir. The book has made it onto the reading lists of a few schools and one University course! 3rd edition includes an update and new material by Paul Read. Also in Audiobook format (but only the 2nd edition).

Your Handy Companion to Devising and Physical Theatre
For young students and new drama teachers. This is a short book, again. Has also made it onto the reading list of a few schools.

When Five Years Pass – translated from Federico Garcia Lorca’s original
My favourite play, I hope I did it justice…

Coming Soon – ish…
Online Meetings that Matter: A guide for leaders of remote teams
I hope it will be released in October 2019, but given that I’ve been saying it will be ready soon for the last two years, I can’t promise anything!

Adventures in Podcasting
As soon as I finish the final draft of Online Meetings that Matter, I’ll tackle this one!