Londres.London: Changing Tubes at Green Park.

This post is part of the Londres.London series.

After living near six different underground stations in London, I’ve got to know the underground pretty well. If you ask me about changing tubes in any Central London station, I’m bound to be able to give you the quickest route or tell you where in the train you should get on to make the transfer faster.

Sad? Not sure, but quite handy.

Over time it’s become obvious that Green Park is one of the worst places to change tubes, especially if you want to change from the Piccadilly to the Jubilee lines, especially during peak hours. Not long ago, London Underground created a tunnel between both lines to make the change a little bit easier, if not shorter.

My tip is, if you’re changing from the Piccadilly to the Victoria line, go through the ticket hall, especially if you are at the end of the Piccadilly train going Eastbound or at the front going Westbound and you don’t mind using escalators and stairs.

If you follow the Way Out signs, you will find yourself just by the ticket barriers. There just turn left (if coming from the Piccadilly line) or right (if you’ve got off the Victoria line) and your next tube will only be a minute away.

If you regularly change at Green Park, let me know how you get on (and off).

And if you have any other tricks and tips for getting around the London underground, do share them with us too.


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