Money-Saving Tip for Bookaholics

If you spend quite a bit of money on books on Amazon, this tip will safe you some cash. In fact, if you shop on Amazon for anything, it can help you too.

I read a lot.

I don’t make much money from my books, but they pay for my only addiction: Buying and Reading Books. (Yes, in that order, does that make me sad?)

When I used to fly a lot, I’d spend quite a bit of time in the airport’s bookshops, reading the back cover and wondering what it would feel like to read the book. Every now and then I’d snap out of the daydream and say to myself: “You’ve got the Kindle in your bag, just go sit somewhere and read.”

Ah, the Kindle.

Many people prefer to read paperbacks (something about holding the book in their hands, the smell…) but my Kindle allows me to take my whole library anywhere I go. I can read hands-free while I have coffee and cake.

The Kindle store of course is also great. You hear about a book, you look it up and BANG, you’ve got the book.

This is dangerous.
If you like reading a lot (and if you like the idea of reading even more), this can turn into an expensive addiction.

But I’ve found a way to restrain my spending and to make book buying relatively cheap.

Use the “Items with price drops” feature that Amazon offers with its Wish Lists.




Disclaimer: Using this feature might become an addiction. I wash my hands.

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