An Alternative Political Landscape (sorry, I’m talking TV)

I’d always admired British politicians. Yes, really.

How they talked, their integrity, their clarity…

But now, for the first time since I arrived in London in 1990, I just don’t want to know.
It doesn’t help that I couldn’t vote in the Brexit referendum and that I won’t be able to prevent the Conservative government from gaining a majority in the recently called general election – an election they hope will give them the power to rule without opposition.

Even though it’s really difficult to avoid the campaign (for a terrible, terrible example, see the adverts that come up on YouTube where the Conservatives ask for your vote, just to prevent Corbyn (Labour) getting into power. They don’t explain how they will improve the country, the whole message is, “Vote for Us or You’ll Get Him”), I’m doing my best not to watch/read about any of it.

Meanwhile, I’m catching up with the latest series of Spin (Les hommes de l’ombre). Loads of intrigue, lying and back stabbing (and of course lots of “spinning”) but at least it takes place in France and well, it’s not real.


While you’re here, I’d also like to recommend that you watch Borgen, full of political intrigue yet grounded in ordinary family life. Fascinating.


Feel free to add your favourite series in the comments section here.

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