Building Word Maze #2. Podcast Structure.

You all know that I love podcasting. It’s strangely addictive. Yes, it takes up a lot of time and there are less podcast listeners than blog readers.

But there is something narcissistic about standing behind a microphone and thinking that what you have to say is worth listening to that I find quite addictive. Although exposing, it’s also safe. I can’t see your (the listener’s) reaction, so I can keep on going without my insecurities kicking in.

What I love most about podcasting is playing with the format.

I find it hard to play with the structure of 21st Century Work Life but I quite like what I’ve done in Management CafĂ©.
In En clave de podcast, we had Spanish podcasters talking to Craig and myself in Spanish during the first part of the episode and then during the second half, we talked about them behind their backs, in English. I even made up a little caller who would interrupt us in the first part of the show. I don’t think it worked very well, nobody missed her when I killed her off.

For Word Maze, I’d like to try out something different.

We’ll enter the word maze in a safe fashion, covering the definition of certain words I’ve come across when reading. I’ll use the Vocabulary Builder on my Kindle to lead me through.

Then I’ll invite you to get lost in a book, or two, or three…

The third part is where it gets dangerous (maybe more for me than for you), as I invite you to get lost in your writing by sharing a thought, an exercise, even a trick…

So there we go.

We’ll see how it goes.

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