Building Word Maze #1. It All Starts with a Trello Board…

It was inevitable.

I haven’t started a new parallel project for a while.

Yes, I’ve launched a few podcasts over the last year, but they are all still, well, podcasts. And related to my main business. So even if the focus of the content is different, been there, got the microphone, what’s new.

I’m now ready to start something a little bit different.

Yes, it’s another podcast but it’s the beginning of an online business.

You see, last year I spent most of my time learning about social media marketing, funnels and other things you need to know about when running a business online. I did all this to try to grow Virtual not Distant.

But then it hit me:

My training and consultancy business is NOT an online business.
It’s quite likely that most of my work will be sold offline.

Yes, I need an online presence, we all do.
We need to pop up on LinkedIn and people need to check us out, to get a sense of who we are.

But my business is not an online business.

This year I’m a little bit happier with how I’m looking for business so I have a little bit more time and energy to dive into a new venture.

I’m doing things a bit differently.

I’m actually PLANNING stuff.

And no better tool works better for me than Trello.
(If you haven’t come across it yet, do check it out. Or watch this video to see how I use it.)

My WordMaze Trello board

So now that I have a Trello board, it’s official.
I’m working on Word Maze.

(And I also have a Twitter account for it too, of course. If your business isn’t on Twitter, it doesn’t exist…)


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