Change of Direction or Evolution?

The last month has been about “getting on with it”.

Getting on with defining what I stand for in the world of “leadership and team development”, getting on with finding different ways of making money as the Spanish crisis has affected my voiceover work and getting on with writing, for the first time, for money.

If you’ve read any of my stuff before, you’ll know that I really enjoy writing. If you read any of my books, you’ll see that I write in short bursts. That’s why blogging is great for me. (I always noticed how when I worked with Forbidden Theatre Company, I produced the best work during the Freestyle Performances, which were bursts of work rather than full-length shows.)

What Do I Stand For?
Thanks to a workshop I attended yesterday (or rather, thanks to the people who made the workshop the great experience it was), I have realised that the importance of what I do in organisations and with individuals, in terms of developement, lies in my ideology and not in my methodology. Let me explain.

I always talk about using theatre-based concepts, when what I should be talking about is the “ensemble”. I give great importance to the Unusual Connections made between the experiential activities and the workplace, as a way of learning, when I should be talking about the importance of “invisible leadership” and the need to keep everyone involved and growing. I go in great detail about how the exercises work, when I should be talking about how my practice enabled actors to turn into directors, teachers, writers and even producers.

So, there, that happenned last month. Now thanks to Trine Garrett, most of this is starting to come through the Unusual Connections website. Slowly, I hope it will all be there.

What Have I Learnt?
In writing a couple of guest blog posts for other people, I realised how much I’ve learnt over the last years. Having stayed away from Social Media for a long time, I realised the potential it has for networking and learning. I was approached by the owner of the site and so I wrote an article about how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It’s a different style to that to which I’m used to (i.e. I ramble less and don’t go off on tangents), so it’s been a great experience. Do have a look and tell me what you think.

I also wrote a post as a response to “Adventures”, a very entertaining and special blog series hosted by InMovement. “A Little Bit Rusty and a Little Bit Scared” is about my attempt to learn how to ride a bike again, at the age of 40. Of course, it is about much more than that, that’s the beauty of the Adventure series. Have a look.

So, February was good. It was really good.

March is going to be a lot more social. I am giving a talk at the Hub King’s Cross on virtual teams: Virtual, not Distant and I’m running a team-away session for a laboratory.

Can’t wait!

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