New Year, New Social Media Platform.

I know, if Social Media sites continue growing, soon updating them will become a full-time job.

Oh well, as long as we’re all still having fun…

I’ve joined Audioboo and hope I will continue to use it. This is a platform for “boos” which are short podcasts of under 3 minutes long (or longer if you have a Premium account), which you record through their website or App. It’s great, really easy to use. It’s also great for me, because I’m not used to recording anything without a script or to doing live broadcasting, so I can also use it to become better at, well, talking into a mike.

I hope to continue using it. We shall see whether it becomes my new Twitter (where wonderful things happen) or whether it goes down the same path as my Squidoo account… which I haven’t visited in over a year. All bets welcome.

For now, here is the link to my Audioboo page, where you can listen to my “boos”. Let me know what you think.


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