"What’s in a Name?"

Okay, I’ll finish off the quote, mouth it with me:

“What’s in a name?
That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

(Puzzled, find out about this quote by clicking here.)

I’ve been pondering this morning about this word “change” that I’m using quite a lot lately when describing “what I do”. The thought struck me this morning, that maybe we need to change how we talk about change.

Sometimes I write “change” with a capital “C”, giving it a lot of weight, a lot of importance. But there is no escaping from it, thanks to technology, thanks to our economic situation, thanks to our social situation, thanks to the fact that individuals currently feel empowered to do something about those things they are not happy with.

In business, this presents a problem. For we all need to be nimble, be agile, to survive. As one of our products or services becomes obsolete, we must already be launching the next one. The world is moving fast, if we want to keep up, we don’t even have time to “change”, just to “do”.

(For more on this, see the post on the new blog www.leadershipthroughchange.com)

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