On Fads, Trends and Shifting our Focus.

I’ve started reading Rupert Brown’s Group Processes, first published in 1988. The first sentence reminded me of how quickly we can change our minds about what’s important in the workplace.

“For some years now, at least in the industrialized West, groups have received rather a bad press”.

I know he’s talking about groups in general, but how different a view from that we currently hold about teams.

For some reason, it got me thinking about those development areas we currently focus on and on some we have forgotten about (or forgotten to advocate for) – just some thoughts.

With our focus on diversity, have we forgotten about commonality?
With our focus on leadership, have we forgotten about support?
With our focus on change, have we forgotten about consolidation?

Are there any areas that you feel have become the focus of business or personal development that have pushed aside other vital ones?

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