Widening the conversation

I try to stick to two posts a week but after yesterday’s comments to the post on Flat News, I am posting again this morning.

I wanted to thank Tomas and Anonymous for their two comments and encourage you all to read them. (I’ve added a widget to the sidebar so that the comments can feature a bit more on this blog as they really do add to the whole blog experience.)

You can read Anonymous’ comments but, for the English readership, I will translate Tomas’ below. And if you speak Spanish, do visit his blog http://tomasee.blogspot.com/. Tomas is a journalist and learning development professional and I find his writing style and thoughts very appealing.

So, apologies if the translation seems clunky, but I want to keep it as literal as possible.

“It’s embarrasing how many media channels have been humilliated after publishing information without verifying it first. The Internet is an infinite information source but not all of it is valid or true.

The idea of “because I saw it in television” or “because I read in in this or that newspaper” without looking any further into it is the tendency that masses have. A mass that is misinformed but that has no inclination to cross that line. It’s sitting comfortably in its herd position and will remain there.

One just has to look at the Trending Topics of the day, the month or the year. To look at the stupidities published in blogs, social media, etc. All due to a freedom assumed by everyone to say whatever they think of in whatever shape or form, forgetting to follow the most basic rules, such as grammar, decorum or respect.

And: Guatemala is a good example. What about Paraguay? Surinam? What would have become of Iceland if they hadn’t had that volcano? Many wouldn’t have even imagined what that country was like…

Anyway, a good topic. I want to read the book on my Kindle but it hasn’t been published as an e-book in the USA.”

End of translation – thanks again!

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