What is this thing called Creativity?

I was listening to the Naked Scientist podcast from 17 November (click here to read the article). Researchers at Oxford University have found that playing Tetris after watching harrowing images can reduce the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I was telling my boyfriend about this and he said – whoever thought of that idea: using a game for the research but not just any game, specifically Tetris!

I’m sure there was some trial and error involved, but he’s right! The creativity shown by these people!

By creativity, I don’t mean artistry. Creativity is the ability to see what’s not there, to make unusual connections. ‘The Sciences” are full of creative people – especially in the area of Physics, where you need a lot of imagination to understand most concepts as you can see very little.

Following three wonderful years at Imperial College, I then went to train as an actress for another three wonderful years. It always surprised me how at drama school they spoke of scientists as if “they” were boring, unimaginative people. This is also the case in the Arts, an industry where I spent over ten years.

I’ve always felt there are more similarities between scientists (mainly those involved in research) and arts organisations. They all seem to be constantly fundraising. They do what they do with passion. They are driven by a curiosity about the world around them.

Yes, there are probably some very uncreative scientists out there. But I can tell you from experience, there are also some very uncreative artists around. It’s down to the person – but it’s also down to how much we allow someone’s personality to come through.

A creative person is someone open, witha wide range of interests, with an interest in others, who doesn’t accept things as they are but works to change them into what they migh be.

Creativity is not industry-specific. Let’s remember that.

tetris cookies!

Photo by Rakka

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