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Why eye contact matters

One of the things I used to notice when using public transport in Madrid, was that the bus drivers seemed much happier than those in London. One of the reasons must be, of course, that the London bus drivers are stuck behind a glass pane. But I am sure that […]

Absorbed by Sebastian Faulks

Engleby and A Week in December Sebastian Faulks I discovered Sebastian Faulks about this time last year when I bought the airport edition of A Week in December (I do love those big sized paperbacks) – 4 for 3 offer, I bit excessive but couldn’t resist Juliet, Naked, The Complaints […]

Have you been cc’d today?

I don’t get many e-mails. “Lucky you!” I hear you say. I don’t work for a large organisation and so, most e-mails are for my eyes only and include relevant content. But every now and then, I do get cc’d into a conversation. And then, what do I do? What’s […]

What is this thing called Creativity?

I was listening to the Naked Scientist podcast from 17 November (click here to read the article). Researchers at Oxford University have found that playing Tetris after watching harrowing images can reduce the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was telling my boyfriend about this and he said – […]

Personal Auditory Space

The office heater’s broken so I just stepped out for a cup of coffee and a yummy cupcake. 3 people on their own – doing some kind of work – like me! Next to me, a couple (I think they’re a couple) talking about work, possible collaborations (I think they’re […]

Will You Help Me Learn Dutch?

Will you help me learn Dutch? Because I’m really trying to learn. I keep counting to ten, saying “Hoi” and “Bedankt”; I keep asking “how do you say…?” and “what does that mean?” I say dankjewel; want to say alstublieft but can only say please, As my tongue twists while […]

Must Read: On Becoming a Leader

On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis A reflection on the qualities and knowledge required by leaders in the 21st century: The ability to empathise with others and reflect on your own practice, the need to understand the context in which you are operating and self-awareness. This is a wonderful […]