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Personal Auditory Space

The office heater’s broken so I just stepped out for a cup of coffee and a yummy cupcake. 3 people on their own – doing some kind of work – like me! Next to me, a couple (I think they’re a couple) talking about work, possible collaborations (I think they’re […]

Will You Help Me Learn Dutch?

Will you help me learn Dutch? Because I’m really trying to learn. I keep counting to ten, saying “Hoi” and “Bedankt”; I keep asking “how do you say…?” and “what does that mean?” I say dankjewel; want to say alstublieft but can only say please, As my tongue twists while […]

Must Read: On Becoming a Leader

On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis A reflection on the qualities and knowledge required by leaders in the 21st century: The ability to empathise with others and reflect on your own practice, the need to understand the context in which you are operating and self-awareness. This is a wonderful […]

Writing is a need – Harper Lee

As well as reading books, I love to hear about them. And so every now and then, I listen to the podcasts from a few book-related BBC radio programmes. One such programme is The Book Programme. The programme broadcast on 3rd October 2010 had To Kill a Mocking Bird as […]