I have E-book Fever (or why I thank the Kindle)

I have e-book fever.
I’m buying them, downloading them,
Searching for them, collecting them.
I collect them on the Kindle,
Mainly those that sell for – FREE!

I have e-book fever.
I’m creating them, uploading them,
I’m selling them and giving them away,
Promoting them through blogs,
Through multiple Twitter accounts,
Even through some Facebook pages- Argh!
Facebook! The fever made me delirious!

I have three books on the go –
And I mean, that I’m promoting.
There are also more I’m writing
And more that I’m planning to write.

Then there’s the books I am reading:
One, I paid for (90 pence) but all the others were free –
No wonder I am collecting them!
There’s one about being productive
(E-productive, that is);
There’s one about managing stress;
There’s one which helps organise meetings;
One about germs;
One about the brain;
One about…Something or other, it seemed essential to have it once…
Oh, and a crime novel, of course.

I blame the Kindle.
Or, to be fair,
I thank the Kindle.
For I can have many books on the go and not hurt my back;
I thank the Kindle,
For I can feed my random mind without going bankrupt;
I thank the Kindle, for it has helped me dig out much of my written word and set it free!

I have e-book fever, but I also have one thing to confess…

Over the last week, I bought five books…
And they were all in print.
This is how lucky I am –
Two viruses at once.

If you are curious about the e-books I am writing, follow the links below. I wanted to also place links to the ones I am reading, but I spent all night dreaming of blogging and twitter, so I will come back later and link to the books when I have gone through social media detox.


2 thoughts on “I have E-book Fever (or why I thank the Kindle)

  1. You have the fever we all have once we get our hands on a Kindle… but it's the same fever you once had when you first had your email… or your Facebook… or your twitter… or your phone with internet… or… No need for doctors, no need for worry. It will go away once you get your hands on a new gadget or a new application or a new social network… And a new fever will start.


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